"Highly recommend anyone looking to train up your dog, be it a young puppy or adult doggies." - Irene Yeo

We Train You to Train Your Dog

"Highly recommend anyone looking to train up your dog, be it a young puppy or adult doggies." - Irene Yeo

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Your dog will not miss out any good education

Why Sunny Chong?

If you’re searching for a qualified dog trainer with comprehensive courses available in Singapore, you’ve come to the right place!

Established Track Record

Founded in 1998, we have trained more than 40,000 dogs over the years. With our successful track record, we’re sure to give our students both the confidence and knowledge to properly handle their dogs.

Trusted Brand

We are proudly sponsored by two world renowned pet food brands, Science Diet and Fish4Dogs. Sunny Chong is also supported by Pet Lovers Centre, Singapore’s largest pet store chain.

Singapore Registered Company

Our school is a Singapore ACRA Registered Full Time Dog Training School. Our headquarters are strategically located at 110 Turf Club Road 288000.

Proper Structured Training Syllabus

Our school follows proper program outlines for each of our training programs. Our students go through the same syllabus, achieving the same results upon completion.

Simplified and Realistic Training Method

Dog trainers conducting Sunny Chong’s courses are qualified, full-time and have years of dog training experience in Singapore. Our #1 goal as a team is to help you reach your dog training goals.

Safe, clean and secure environment

Our school is very strict on the selection of training grounds. It’s required to be legal, clean and strategically located in a place conducive to facilitating a healthy learning/teaching environment for both dogs and humans.


Owning a dog can be more complicated than it first appears. With personalities just as diverse as humans, it’s often hard to work out how to improve behaviours effectively. With the help of our expert dog whisperers from across Singapore, you can learn to do more than just train your dog – we’ll help you build a better relationship with your beloved pet.

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