22 Apr 2020

5 Reasons your dog is eating his own poop

dog eats poop

As much as we all love our canine companions, most owners instantly regret ever letting their dogs giving them doggy kisses and licks in the face once they caught their furry friend indulge in their poop.

Though poop eating may seem gross to humans, dogs may not necessarily see it the same way, it is actually a common habit of many dogs. Poop eating may be as simple as boredom, or it may be related to a health issues like diabetes, so it is really an important topic for dog owners.


Let’s begin…

Why do dogs eat poop?

  1. Medical issues

Some conditions such as diabetes and thyroid issues can cause your dog to have an increased appetite and feel hungry even if he’s not actually hungry. Poor nutrient absorption can also lead to stool eating, in such cases, it is important to know whose stool he is seeking as it may also be an indicator of a deficiency or illness in that pet.

  1. Diet

Even though dogs can create enzymes on their own, these digestive enzymes may not be sufficient. These digestive enzymes help to ensure your dog can properly absorb his nutrition, when there is a lack of enzymes, their food will pass through undigested. Thus, it is important to ensure that your dog is getting the proper nutrition

Also make sure that you’re feeding your dog enough food at regular times. Underfeeding and unable to keep to a schedule will cause your hungry dog to look for other food sources that you may not like.

  1. Puppies Behavior

Especially in puppies, it is natural for them to be curious about exploring their surroundings. It is not unusual for them to eat and chew on things while they are on their adventure, for example tissues and their own poop. Another point to take note is your pup could have seen its mum cleaning up to keep their area clean. This drive for cleanliness could also account for your dog cleaning up it’s stool, and it is rather natural for them to do so.

  1. Boredom & Stress

If your dog is cooped up at home alone the entire day, without much to do, he’ll try to find something to entertain himself. One of the ways is the poop which is within his reach, either playing or even eating that poop. Dogs who are stressed out may also try to relieve stress by eating poop, such incidents usually happen in dogs who grow up in stressful environments.

  1. Punishment

The way you have punished your dog while trying to house-break your dog could have been going the wrong way. By punishing your dog for having accidents in the house could have left him associating that poop is a bad thing. Owners do have to take note not to make a big fuss of accidents, which may make your dog “hide the evidence” in his attempt to please you.