20 May 2020

6 Essential Commands to Teach your Dog

Even though can learn many commands, they only require a few important ones to stay safe around other people and their pets. You may register in a dog training class or you may work it out yourself at home with the following commands. Each have their pros and cons, and it is always advisable to start out early. Training does not have to be time-consuming, if your puppy is young, their attention span will not be long, thus you may aim for 10-minute sessions as a start. And such time spent on training will make a big difference.

  1. SIT

Usually one of the first command every owner introduce to their puppy, it is one of the easiest to teach. This command will teach the dog how to respond to training and helps your dog to shift some attention to you.

  1. COME

One of the main commands to teach your dog that is extremely useful. There may times where you accidentally left your door or gate open and your dog dashed out of your house. Or times when he/she slipped out of its leash and ran away. This command will protect your dog from traffic and keep them out of trouble if your dog comes when being called.

  1. DOWN

A good to know command especially for big dogs. When your dog learns to be comfortable in a down position, they tend to be more relaxed. Some call it the “submissive state”. When bringing your dog outdoors, it will also help other smaller dog breeds to cope with your dog’s grand stature.

  1. STAY

This command will take a bit of patience, it will be useful in times when you require your dog to stay somewhere or stay at a position while you quickly complete your task, for example laying food on the table or answering the doorbell.

  1. OFF

Not to be confused with “DOWN”, we’d usually use this command to keep the dog’s four feet on the ground. For example when your dog is jumping on people and climbing onto furniture, we will use this command to teach them that such behaviour is not appropriate and they have to stay calm at all times during greeting.


Some use a different command, but what is important is you stick to what ever command that you have used and be consistent in it. This command will teach your dog to let go of treasures they have found lying around your house. It will be also useful for you if you walked them outdoors and find them excessively picking at leaves and chewing on anything that is not meant for their enjoyment.