24 Apr 2020

6 remedies you can try to stop your dog from eating poop

stop dog eating poop

that you’ve understand some of the reasons why dogs eat poop, we can review some of the things you can probably do to help your dog kick this gross habit at home.

  1. Rule out medical problems

First, we would want to eliminate all health issues. A visit to the veterinarian would help to check for any parasites, any intestinal problems or other underlying medical conditions that could be causing the undesired behavior.

  1. Clean up the area

When starting to work on the problem of poop eating dogs, you will need to be prompt in cleaning up the area where your dog has been eating poop. Keep the area clean and simple and supervise your dog out on walks, clean up when they poop.

  1. Activities

Keep you dog’s brain active and healthy. Develop a routine where it will provide heaps of physical and mental stimulation for your dog. For the times that you’re unable to play together with your dog, you may want to choose toys that are safe and provide entertainment at the same time.

  1. Feed your dog well on a schedule

Ensure that you’re feeding your dog well, you can refer to the labels on the food package to determine how much to feed and do it on a fixed schedule. Feeding 2-3 meals a day instead of 1 may also help to keep your dog satisfied and stop it from seeking poop to eat. You may also add supplements to ensure that he/she is getting enough nutrients.

  1. Make the poop taste bad

There are many products out in the market which you make look out for, stool deterrents may help to make the poop taste bad. However it would take some time for your dog to develop repulsion towards the poop.

  1. Teach your dog to “Leave it”

If your dog does not already know the “leave it” command, it is a good time to teach it. Start off by practicing in your house where distractions are low. Such commands can be useful not only when you caught your dog in action while eating poop, it can help to keep your dog away from hazards on the ground while on walks.