28 Jan 2020

COVID-19 Safe Dog Training

COVID-19 Safe Dog Training conducted in our school.

Free Evaluation and Consultation Home Visit

Our Consultant will carry out temperature check, sanitised hands, and stand by with face mask during the initial meet up, 1 meter distance will be maintain from you all the time.  Typically we don’t need to handle your dog during the initial consultation, but if we do – then we will use a tie-out mechanism attach to your dog’s leash to and then back away before we work with your dog. We’ll also be wearing gloves if needed during this handling.

“Coronavirus Safe” pickup and drop-off for Board and Train, Day Training, PlayCare Program

Our School Bus Driver will meet you outside and use the same tie-out mechanism (mentioned above) for the “Hand Off”. Upon completion of the above program, we will bathe or clean up your dog throughly (just to be extra cautious). Once done, we will handle your dog with glove hand.

“Coronavirus Safe” Private lessons for Basic Obedience Training

This program will be conducted outdoor. Our dog trainer will coach you through the handling exercise keeping a 1 meter safe distance at all times. Hand Sanitiser wash will be provided at the beginning and end of sessions.

“Coronavirus Safe” Private Lesson for all Home Manners Program, Puppy Training(Potty)

Your trainer temperature check will be carried out upon arrival, sanitised hand and keeping the safe distance during the lessons. Face Mask will be available for lesson upon request during the lesson.

“Coronavirus Free” Solution with Zoom

Virtual Training can be the perfect answer to avoid the physical meet up lesson. With virtual conference, our trainer does not need to visit to ‘enter’ your place without posing a risk of infectious exchange.

Zoom Video Communication offers a free downloadable videoconferencing app that works with MacOS, iOS, Android and Windows computers and devices. This free version supports unlimited duration 1 on 1 conversations.  Our consultant will guide you step by step in the setting up. We look forward to Zoom virtual lessons as a substitute for our virtual training options.

“Coronavirus Managed” Class Lessons for Basic Obedience Training

We will strictly follow to the maximum 10 person rules in a class (inclusive of trainer) and  safe distance separation of 1 meter at all times.  Hand Sanitiser and face mask will be available during the lesson for the handler only.

At this present moment, there is NO evidence to indicate that pets spread COVID 19 to other animals, including people. (source:  American Veterinary Medical Association 3/27/20).


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