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COVID-19 Safety Measures in place at our school.

Safety is our utmost priority and we in Sunny Chong Dog Training School has taken various precautions against Covid-19 by following very closely to the guidelines handed out by the government. 

Staff safety and hygiene management


There will be a daily temperature taking, wearing of face mask and social distancing will be observed at all times. ART Test will be taken weekly and recorded and all staff is vaccinated as of the date this was published.  



Free Home Visit for Consultation and Evaluation 

Other following the guidelines from the government, during the consultation, hands will be sanatised regularly before, during and after the visit. Face mask will always be on and social distancing will be observed at all times. Usually there will not be any interaction with your dog, however if the case arises, a tie-out leash will be used and a new pair of gloves will be worn. Social distancing will also be observed during our interaction with your dog.

Vaccination status of dogs will also be checked during the visit. The 2 vaccinations programmes in question, are the Annual Vaccination and Kennel Cough . If the vaccination status is not up to date, we are able to help set up the vaccination. All costs for the vaccination to be covered by the customers.

“Covid-19 Safe” pickup and drop-off for Board and Train, Day Training, PlayCare Program

You are now excitedly bringing you babies to the door, saying good bye to your babies on their first day to school. Seeing them sitting on the school bus. For the safety of dogs, pet carriers of different sizes will be used to carry your dogs to schools for maximum safety the dogs. During the pickup, a tie out leash will be used and your dog will be gently wipe down before boarding the school bus. A set of gloves will be used every time when working with your fur babies.

“Covid-19 Safe” Private lessons for Basic Obedience Training

Lessons will be done outdoor and social distancing rules will be observed. Daily temperature taking will also be done before the meeting and hand sanitisers will be provided before and after training.

“Covid-19 Safe” Private Lesson for all Home Manners Program, Puppy Training(Potty)

This program will be conducted indoors. Before the start of training, our trainers will have their temperature taken. Our trainers will have their mask on while staying at the recommended safe distance from you all the time. Hand sanitisers will be provided at the beginning and end of sessions.

Risk Free Solution with Zoom

Virtual training lessons can be the perfect substitute to the usual physical training lessons. With virtual training lessons, our trainer do not need to visit to ‘enter’ your place.

Zoom Video Communication offers a free downloadable videoconferencing app that works with MacOS, iOS, Android and Windows computers and devices. This free version supports unlimited duration for group lessons.

Regular washing and sanatising of area and equipment

A healthy dog is a happy dog and one way to do it is to keep the area clean. We regularly clean our area and immediately mop away waste material immediately. Regular flushing and changing of water is done to the swimming pool.

Pet Carrier will be washed regularly. Pet Pads will be changed and Pet Carrier will be wiped down with disinfectant daily after every pick up and drop off

At this present moment, there is NO evidence to indicate that pets spread COVID 19 to other animals, including people. (source:  American Veterinary Medical Association 3/27/20).

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