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Behavioural problems can be highly stressful for both dogs and owners. The reality is, modern urban lifestyles can be hard for pet dogs. So many of our canine friends spend their days confined to houses and apartments with little to no stimulation. It’s vital to address dog behaviour issues before they turn into outright aggression – with help from Singapore’s Sunny Chong dog training school, you can set your pup back on the right path.

Dogs are inherently social, intelligent animals. Even though most of them no longer work or hunt for food, their instincts still remain. When these instincts aren’t satisfied, behavioural problems tend to arise. Examples of these can include:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Excessive barking
  • Strong fears
  • Jumping up on furniture and people
  • Destroying things
  • Many more

Dogs don’t automatically know how to live in the human world – we need to teach them properly. For effective dog behaviour modification to take place, they need to feel safe and happy within their modern lifestyle in Singapore. They need proper socialisation, ongoing training, and opportunities to engage in typical “doggie” behaviour.


Dog Behaviour Training Courses

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