we would encourage for you to attend all sessions. To have a well guided process of potty area set up and have consultation with our trainer for any issues encountered. Allows for monitoring of progression as well. 


There are 6 sessions in total. You can find the content of the classes below!

Why choose puppy school

At our school, we have 6 full day program specifically to focus on puppy classes. 
The days above will cater to puppies, for trainers to focus on the training of puppies in a class. Puppies can socialise with furfriends of their age and learn together in our safe and airconditioned facility. Puppies will learn different exercises, learn to be desensitised to the common distractions encountered. 

Our school provides the option for transport service, to pick up and drop off your furkid. The convenience this brings will save you time in travelling and rushing to pick your furkid from school.  The coordinator and trainers at school will also provide updates to you of the activities completed by your furkid, before the end of the next day.