15 Mar 2020

Importance of being calm around your dog

Do you go home to a pile of destroyed mess when you leave your dog home alone? Or does your dog pull you around during walks and charges at other dogs? Imagine your dog being able to walk calmly right beside you as both of you walk down the streets, no chasing cars nor birds, pouncing upon meeting fellow dog mates or passerby.

In this article, we will be touching on how important having a calming energy around your dog is, why it matters and how it affects the behavior of your dog.

What is calming energy and how does it help me better manage my dog’s behaviour?

Ever notice how the behavior of your dog changes once your trainer takes over the leash from you? What makes it different? It’s the energy. Trainers are not emotional about the approach like many owners, trainers are more instinctual which is what the dog understands. Our state of mind does not change, regardless if your dog is nervous, unsure, anxious, fearful or aggressive.

Bringing calming energy into the dynamics of your relationship with your furry companion can affect how what kind of adult they grow into from day one. Dogs have different personalities and characteristics tendencies based on their breeds, so it is important that the owner first understands this  before approaching to correcting bad behaviour and more. Owners with mixed commands and mixed energies often confuses the dogs thus causing more behavioural issues with bad habits formed at the same time.

Calmness can be taught to your dog as a conditioned response to something that would ordinarily cause stress or anxiety. You can teach your dog to decrease his anxiety, and relax in times of stress. This type of training is essential for dog owners that are looking at options to help treat their dogs with behavior and anxiety issues, and is also important to implement in obedience training.

We often unknowingly condition our dogs to get excited as a response, for example: when guests come over to visit, when we come home from work, taking them for a walk, and when we bring their meals, almost everything that we do in some ways encourage them to get excited. Which forms anxiety issues over time when the excitement is not addressed.

Calmness in dog training

Many behavioral problems have a component of fear, anxiety or excessive arousal such that training cannot begin until a calm, relaxed state can be achieved on cue. Training should not only focus on their behavioral response (sit, down, walk) but also their emotional state (calm, relaxed).

When the dog is being conditioned to relax, it gives your dog time to process the situation and think about what behavior is likely to get them what they want or get them the reward they are looking for. It enables energy and attention to be more valuable and effective, which then ultimately increases one’s potential for improvement. It helps to regulates and sustains both energy and attention.

Being calm and firm will better manage your dog’s behaviour during correction. Allowing them to get a clear direct message of what is expected of their reaction when they meet with certain situations. The sooner calming energy is introduced, the sooner your dog will understand what is expected of their behaviours.

Benefits of introducing calming energy:

  • Lessens anxiety and panic in your dogs
  • Increase ease and efficiency in teaching your dog
  • Increase handler’s presence

Need help on introducing calming energy to correct your dog’s bad behaviour?

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