07 Apr 2020

Replace Face-to-Face Training to Online Training

Sunny Chong Dog Training School has prepared the hardware and software to enable the real-live streaming of dog training lesson to the home of every dog owners. We will be conducting real-time streaming of lessons commencing from 7th April 2020 to minimise disruption and ensuring quality of work during your furkid’s training journey with us. These lessons will be taught by our principal Mr Sunny Chong personally. In short, there are no changes and we are bringing the outdoor teaching to your home via the internet.

Online Training can be the perfect answer to avoid the physical meet up lesson. With virtual conference, our trainer does not need to visit to ‘enter’ your place without posing a risk of infectious exchange.

Zoom Video Communication offers a free downloadable videoconferencing app that works with MacOS, iOS, Android and Windows computers and devices. This free version supports unlimited duration 1 on 1 conversations.  Our consultant will guide you step by step in the setting up. We look forward to Zoom virtual lessons as a substitute for our virtual training options.

We proudly introduce our latest Virtual Online Puppy Training Program to cater to all WFH puppy owners out there. Puppy training can now be conducted without meeting up physically, at the convenience in your own homes.

There will be a total of 5 lessons in total. 4 Online lessons + 1 on-site lesson (will conduct when it allows) for $600.00.