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Should my Dog go Swimming?

It may be true that some dogs are more naturally inclined towards swimming than others, however not every breed is a natural swimmer. Some breeds such as the Bulldogs are not able to swim very well without a life vest due to their weight distribution. Some breeds with shorter legs and longer body such as the Dachshunds may have a bit of trouble in water too. However, despite their physical structure, every breed should still be able to have their fun around in water with a life vest and supervision. We can explore some of the benefits for swimming your dog:

  1. Health

Swimming is one of the all-rounded exercise for your dog. By moving their limbs against the resistance of the water uses many of their major muscle group, helping them to improve their overall tone and strength. Swimming is also great for overweight dogs to burn off more calories and bringing their weight to the healthy range without having to risk injury.

  1. Joint-friendly Exercise

Swimming is a low impact exercise, thus allowing dogs to enjoy the aquatic exercise without having to increase stress on their joints and tendons. When dogs are in the water, the water will support most of the dog’s weight and relieve their skeletal system from the stress of impacts they got while exercising on land. Swimming will be especially beneficial to dogs that have joint disorders or dogs that needed some rehabilitation recovering from some orthopedic injury.

  1. Beating the heat

Dogs are only able to sweat in areas of the body that are not covered by fur, in which makes it very hard for them to stay cool when out exercising on a hot day. One of the best way to exercise your dog during a hot and humid day without putting them at risk of heat stroke is to bring them to the pool for a refreshing dip.

  1. Stress relieving activity

Dogs can get extremely bored and restless if they are not properly stimulated. Swimming not only improves the overall physical health, it also improves their mental wellbeing. By having a variety of exercises and play time will stimulate their mind and keep them alert and focus. A day out swimming will also help your happily worn out dog to have a restorative good night sleep when they got back home.