Stay with the Trainer

Learn from the trainer in the realistic home environment

"He was a biter but has reduced it so much. We use to have a hard time bringing him for a walk as he pulls us. But now we are able to confidently bring him for walks and it is really walking with him than running with him." - Megha Nadesan

Stay with the Trainer

Learn from the trainer in the realistic home environment

"My japanese spitz used to be disobedient and would not listen to me, but after having their guidances my dog is now well-behaved and would listen to our command" - Kz Tan

Stay with trainer program allows your dog to come and stay at our exclusive dog suites to undergo intensive, one-on-one dog training with our professional dog trainer. Trainees enrolled into this program will be staying in our exclusive dog suites with a trainer around. All exercise, play and training will be under the trainer’s direct supervision. The trainer is able to interact, observe and train with your dog in a real home environment, so all of the issues your dog encounters in daily life can be addressed.

Next time If you are travelling and unable to take your dog with you on vacation, don’t just put him in a kennel – send him to our exclusive suites instead! In our school, he’ll have fun while he learns good manners.




• Training
• Accommodation
• Weekly Swimming
• Daily Treadmill Walk
• Weekly Shower
• Daily Combing
• Daily Meal
• Pack Socialisation
• Two-way Transport
• Nail Cutting
• Table Manners
• Home Manners



• Up to date yearly vaccination
• Up to date kennel cough vaccination


AVA has investigated reports of “kennel cough” among dogs from animal establishments at the Pasir Ris Farmway area. Samples collected from affected dogs have been found to be positive for canine influenza virus.

We strongly suggest all dogs to go for Kennel Cough Vaccine before checking in to our school.

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