Sunny Chong Dog Training School has come up with this virtual learning program, as it was incumbent on us to create a platform for you pawrents to benefit from!

Benefits of this program include:

This program will improve your furkid basic obedience. There is no better time for you and your furkid to work the having better obedience or habits that would significantly enhance your relationship with your furkid at the comfort of your home in a safe and familiar environment for your furkid.

Compliment the current work from home lifestyle with our tailored training for easy delivery of teaching method

to effectivly improve your furkid’s obedience skills and manners



Program outline: 

Virtual Training | minimum of 10 Participants

60 Minutes per Session | 6 sessions per program

Program will start  25 June 2021 (Tentative) | 1930hrs-2030hrs



*Payment can be made via PayNow or Paypal