27 May 2020

What do dogs dislike?

All dogs are different and have different levels of tolerance for different things. However there are a few things that are almost universally disliked by dogs, even if they don’t show it. A dog is more than just a pet, they are a family member whose life you’re responsible for. Learn about some of the human things that your dog hate and be aware of them do you can try to create the best possible lifestyle for your dog:

  1. Sudden loud noises

Fireworks, loud music, car honks, and even abrupt loud conversation can be stressful for dogs. Try to expose them gradually to the environment and take note of the sounds you make that could distress your dog. Keep your dog in a safe and quiet place where they will feel comfortable.

  1. Rushing on Dog Walks

We have busy schedules, with our work, kids, and social life. Dogs on the other hand, want nothing more than to be able to stop, sniff and explore their surroundings. Their sense of smell is heightened during such walks and it is one of the main ways they take in information about the world. It will make your dog anxious and annoyed when they are not allowed enough time to sniff and explore during their walk.

  1. Excessive hugging

Being hugged is not a natural behavior that dogs do with each other, instead they may even show signs of stress like becoming tense, pinning their ears back, or backing away from you. Hugs are human’s affectionate way of greeting, but that does not mean the same in their world, hugging be an invasion of personal space where your dog may feel restrained.

  1. Forcing your dog to be social

Most dogs love to socialize, but it does not mean that all dogs want to be social all the time. Socialization should be natural and done on their own terms. Never force an interaction and expect your dog to be able to warm up to any dogs they meet.

  1. Not having a routine

Dogs are happiest when they have a regular routine and structure. It may get a little stressful for them when the schedule is all over. They will prefer it when their leader can lay out the rules so they know their place in the pack, providing structure and routine will help to calm a dog down and help ease their anxiety.

  1. Leaving them alone for too long

Dogs are naturally social animals, and they hate it when you leave them alone. While it is totally understandable to leave your dog alone sometimes for work or errands, it may cause some behavioral issue when they are left home alone for extended periods of time. Separation anxiety is real and so is your dogs’ boredom when they do not get the exercise and attention they need.